The Exceptional Nutritional Value of Hemp Seed

A Nutritional Value that Promotes an Active Lifestyle

Hemp isn’t just for your passive tree hugger neighbour who shops exclusively in organic grocery stores (and probably keeps an extensive collection of crystals in their living room). Because of its exceptional protein concentration — 22.2g for a 200g bag — hemp hearts are actually ideal for active people and athletes. 

It’s no secret: to perform well, you must eat sufficient protein. Indeed, protein allows your muscles to recover from the most demanding workouts. Once enhanced by the virtues of hemp’s vegetable protein, your smoothies will have a particularly high nutritional value. Moreover, it is an ingredient perfectly suited for those who follow a vegan diet! 

Your muscles are overtaxed during a workout, so feed them!

Hemp: a gold mine of essential nutrients

Another noteworthy fact is that hemp seed proteins contain alpha-linolenic acid, a substance which is essential to the proper functioning of your body. Unfortunately, the body is not able to synthesize this substance on its own! It is, therefore, essential to eat the right foods in order to get it. Even better, hemp contains a 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6, an ideal distribution that allows the human body to maximize the benefits of these fatty acids.

Rather than searching online endlessly to identify plant proteins high in omega-3 and omega-6, let’s make life easy. Some Quebec brands, such as Bon Vivant, offer a whole range of natural foods. On the menu: hemp chunks and hearts, edible oil, flour, baking mixes, and even raw protein. In short, everything you need to make the most of that dish set you were given for Christmas!

Bon Vivant, a local brand tailored to our tastes!

Nutritional Value Enhanced by Fibre

No matter if you are into sports or not, the nutritional value of hemp improves your daily well-being. As for fibre, did you know that a single tablespoon of hemp hearts provides you with about 14% of optimal daily fibre intake? If you get into the habit of adding it to your smoothies, salads and other snacks, your digestion will thank you.

Fibre also plays an essential role in maintaining optimal energy levels by slowing down the absorption of glucose. This means that your sugar levels don’t suddenly peak and then nosedive a few minutes later. If you have a sweet tooth, adding hemp seeds to your snacks will give you longer-term support. Just one soft bar is enough to get you through a particularly long afternoon at work!

In conclusion, it’s obvious that a small dose of hemp can make a big difference. This particularly eco-friendly plant will allow you to perform better, both during your training sessions and your most chaotic days at the office. Even better, it is now possible to purchase Quebec food products that allow you to easily integrate this food into your favourite recipes.

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