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Our story

2017 | The tea age

La Maison d’Herbes is deeply rooted in Drummondville community. Everything started when Nancy Belval, one of Quebec’s greatest tea sommelier, founded the Salon de thé. Due to her unparalleled expertise, the place soon became a hotbed of healthy beverages. In 2017, having heard that Nancy was seeking new projects, Dany Lefebvre and his team of hemp enthusiasts seized the opportunity and acquired the Salon de Thé to start their ambitious project. La Maison d’herbes was born.

2017-2018 | digging the foundations

If La Maison d’herbes was to become a flagship in Quebec, we had to play the big shot. Dany Lefebvre and his team renovated their new space, turning the ground floor into a cosy café-boutique. Meanwhile, the first floor was becoming the new headquarter of the organization, where our team would be working towards providing people with the right amount of hempseed oil and other essential products.

2018 | A 420 friendly opening

La Maison d’Herbes finally opened to the public on April 2018. (Wait… isn’t that the international cannabis anniversary?)
The establishment of our business in the neighbourhood gained much attention for this rather unknown plant has long been wrongly associated to recreational cannabis. Thankfully, our hemp-based food and beverages quickly conquered our clientele’s taste buds and soon enough La Maison d’Herbes was gaining an enviable reputation in the region. Then began an exponential increase in demand for our hemp-based products.


Already busy offering our visitors numerous hemp-based products for animals thanks to brands like Crocx as well as human body care articles from the company Chanv, La Maison d’Herbes quickly became famous for its Kombuchanv. Comprising all the benefits of a good kombucha, this healthy beverage was boosted with hempseed oil, providing this unique blend with some exceptional nutritional properties. Being able to observe and predict the growing interest for this local product, our team took the decision to acquire the brand. And was later proved to have done the right move!

2017-2018 | The big move

Due to the increasing demand for our products, La Maison d’Herbes had to leave the nest towards a bigger space. Our team was relocated in an old, disused slaughterhouse in Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover. The modernization of this rather sinister building turned it into a real factory dedicated to the production of hemp derivatives. Our former space was converted into a coworking office which made our student clientele very happy!


Proud of our success in the Centre of Quebec region, our team started dreaming of the next step: Providing as many Quebecers as possible with our hemp-based products. In order to reach this goal, La Maison d’Herbes became a virtual platform dedicated to promoting the plant. Our website was modernized and our distribution network was extended to hundreds of selling points all around the province. As always, our team made this very ambitious project work all right!

2019 | Under the wing of a dragon

Our CEO got the rare opportunity to participate in the famous show Dans l’oeil du Dragon, a royal road for an entrepreneur seeking visibility and support. His appearance in May 2019 made a lot of noise and left dragon Marie-Josée Richer truly enthusiast about our project, thanks to the quality of our products and the originality of our business model! Ever since our encounter with this business specialist, precious advices allowed us to respond even better to the needs of our clients. Marie-José, we are so grateful for your trust!

2020 | A story being written

As we enter a new decade, La Maison d’Herbes wishes to become the #1 destination for hemp enthusiasts across Quebec.  You will soon be provided with a new wave of products as well as a mine of information on cannabis derivatives. If you wish to stay informed, all you have to do is follow us on social networks and register to our newsletter. 

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